Eyebrows – Instructions

Eyelashes and eyebrows give a face contour and expression, if they are missing, a face changes. Here, a cleverly applied make-up can help.

The following steps should be followed while applying your eyebrows:

  1. Shape the eyebrows as desired, cut them with scissors. This is easily possible since the hair is glued onto a transparent film. A suitable template is helpful here, to make sure the form is correct.
  2. The eyebrow is located on the yoke arch. This is the eyebrow bone over the eye.
  3. The starting point is on an imaginary vertical line from the nose wing upwards.
  4. The end point is the extended line from the nose wing to the outer eye corner. The highest point of the eyebrow is the imaginary line from the nose wing through the pupil. Through these three points of orientation, the eyebrow runs with a slight curve.
  5. Clean the part which is going to be glued on, with cleanser lotion.
  6. Apply the special adhesive thinly on the back of the eyebrows.
  7. Glue the eyebrows on and press firmly.
  8. You should check the eyebrows every day for a firm fit / hold and if necessary, apply some adhesive on a toothpick at the loose places and press firmly again! Thus, the eyebrows can remain glued on for about 2-3 weeks.

For cleaning, carefully peel off the eyebrows, remove the old glue on the back, for taking a toothpick to help you, for instance, and clean the skin part, as well as the back of the eyebrows, with a cotton pad soaked in a cleanser lotion. (Note: Do not confuse the right / left side for further use!) The eyebrows can be used for approx. 3 – 4 months. The eyebrows give a natural appearance and spare the morning make-up procedure!