You are not alone.

Actually, hair is nothing more than a sophisticated protective mechanism of nature, which has largely lost its importance in the age of industrialization and postmodernism.

But this is countered by an almost mystical significance attached to hair as an expression of beauty and sexual attractiveness that contradicts every sensible rationing. Hair is an expression of personality, lifestyle, political and religious sentiments. What a tragedy, if it falls out! Thousands of people – children and adults – are affected by Alopecia Areata like a bolt out of the blue, suddenly, unpredictably, without reason, sometimes more or less severely, recurrently, in a remittent manner or permanently. Even though the disease is harmless, the emotional pressure on the affected person is enormous.

Only a few can resign themselves to their situation and carry their bald head up high. Most people are hindered by prejudices and gaps in their knowledge about Alopecia Areata. The course of hair loss cannot be foreseen in any way, even the time limits. Sometimes only a small round spot on the head is affected, which then disappears after some time. Sometimes it comes to Alopecia Totalis or Universalis. The hair can spontaneously regrow again, even after many months. Phases of hair loss and regrowth can be repeated – again and again … This leads to despair setting in.

Both the affected people and the parents of affected children feel helpless and do not know what to do and how to help their child. What does my future look like? How are others now looking at me? Will I still be accepted? Respected? Loved? Pitied? How can my child develop? Can he/she deal with his/her everyday life and become a well-rounded self-confident person? Will my child have friends? … and many more questions, worries and fears arise, which are tormenting people giving them sleepless nights.

We do not have a sure recipe, but maybe we can offer a helping hand to assist you in your daily life and advise you on helping your child, protecting him/her and developing yourself. We want to help you be brave, to be able to manage your everyday life with ease and self-confidence, for nothing is more beautiful than a happy untroubled laugh!