Tattooing or permanent makeup

Many patients are particularly interested in this topic. In most cases, women use the possibility, if their eyebrows and eyelashes have also fallen out. To compensate for the loss of eyebrows and eyelashes, these are traced with make-up.

In case of rain, if you are itching, sweating, or if you go swimming, the contours of usual makeup can become blurred, and as a result, your face may be smudged with makeup. Therefore, it is obvious that you are concerned with the question of having your eyebrows and eyelashes tattooed. As obvious as this thought is, it should be thought through very carefully. The cosmetic advantage is obvious, but the disadvantages can be substantial.

Due to the fact that tattoos are fixed under the skin, they appear as a surface, last a lifetime and can only be removed surgically. If your eyebrows grow back one day, it may be that their contour or color does not match with those of your tattooed eyebrows. In the case of a surgical removal, however, the skin is also removed at the same time, and that is the skin in which your own hair has finally grown again. A tattoo should therefore be decided upon after a very, very careful consideration. The permanent make-up is an interesting alternative. The dye is incorporated under the basal cell layer of the skin where it fades over the years due to bio- and photochemical reactions, so after a while you can decide whether to reapply the eyebrows or eyelashes. In the drawing process itself, the eyebrow is drawn not as a single surface, but as a series of fine hairs, thus giving it quite natural appearance.

The cost for such a drawing for a pair of eyebrows is about 500 – 1000 euros including a free post-treatment. As a rule, health insurances do not cover the costs because the treatment has not been included in the aid catalog and is only considered a cosmetic beautification procedure. In some cases, it might happen that the costs get partially covered out of goodwill. There are some beauticians who offer special conditions for AA patients.