Men dealing with Alopecia Areata

Sudden hair loss is a huge problem for women not only because it transforms the centuries-old protective mechanism, but also because of a more aesthetic aspect connected with hair. For men suffering from baldness, on the other hand, one speaks of easy care wash-and-wear hairstyles.

But how does your life change when you have always been proud to have thick hair? Or if you believed that your body hair was a symbol of masculinity? The image of radical marginalized groups such as extreme right-wings, boxers and criminals without hair comes to mind as an implication, since it is still being transmitted by the media.

The ultimate villain is the one without hair. Such images can disturb and produce prejudices.

Not to be neglected is also the following question:

How do you go through your day when you can no longer take advantage of the protective benefits such as eyebrows, eyelashes, nasal hair or ear hair? For these questions and many more, we would like to offer a platform here and encourage affected persons to exchange their opinions with other affected persons or medical specialists.

Since the perception of masculinity is different for each individual, the approaches to healing are also different. It is advisable to find such a method that would fit into a person’s everyday life without disrupting it too much with the inevitable changes.